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NEWS for Consumers

Consumer/Caregiver Sign-Up Form
Form to sign up elderly and disabled consumers.

Stop telemarketers from bugging you
Information on how to handle telemarketing calls.

Straight talk about telemarketing
Information on telemarketing sales laws.

Telemarketer harassment
Information on tracking unwanted telemarketing calls.

Press Releases

Signup for the No Call list and say goodbye to hang-up calls
Are you fed-up with those hang-up calls you get all the time? Signing up for the No Call list should stop most of these calls.

Caregivers: Put people in your care on the No Call List
Caregivers and families now have a form available to sign up elderly and disabled consumers to protect them from aggressive telemarketers.

No Call registration is working fine. It's just that 210,000 consumers have been keeping it busy.
Signups for the No Call List have surpassed the number of people living in Wisconsin's second largest city-Madison, population 190,766.

Sign up for Wisconsin's No Call List now!
A new law provides a way for citizens to halt phone calls from telemarketers.

Be wary of telemarketers in Canada bearing gifts
"Wisconsin consumers - especially seniors and their adult children - should be wary of telemarketing calls from Canada," says Jim Harsdorf, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. " More Americans are being ripped-off from Toronto than any other city in the world."

Speak up at hearings to stop unwanted telemarketers
Some telemarketers are already asking for exemptions, so make sure your voice is heard when the "no call list" telemarketing hearings come to your part of the state.

Senate proposal disrupts critical planning for do not call list
Meeting with state legislators today, Secretary Jim Harsdorf said a Senate budget proposal would gut consumer protection and put at risk Wisconsin's reputation for a clean business climate.

You can fight fraud against senior citizens
Want to fight fraud against older people? Learn how April 15-16 at the TRIAD of Wisconsin State Conference.

Top 10 Consumer Complaints
$8.7 million returned to Wisconsin consumers. Internet service providers land in Wisconsin's Top Ten Complaints for the first time.

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